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Discover A Faith That Goes Beyond Giving

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Hidden in the shadows of monetary tithing, many Christians have lost sight of their calling to love one another. Tithing Christians present various arguments to support today's version of tithing which are many, very diverse, and sometimes contradictory. The authors of the book, Beyond Tithes & Offerings, have compiled a one stop shop, a library of biblical facts, for countering, undoing, and nullifying each and every one of the reasons provided by tithing Christians. This book also demonstrates how this traditional practice hinders true Christian responsibility.

Everyone who reads this book will benefit from its in-depth study on giving, as it uncovers the hidden truths of tithing and reveals that the priority of Christian charity should be meeting the needs of others. Take the opportunity and see for yourself that Christian giving is not regulated, but generous, spontaneous, and led by the Holy Spirit. This book from On Time Publishing is a must-read for the conscientious Christian.


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About On Time Publishing

On Time Publishing is a company that features books focusing on important Christian topics. The company is made up of sincere believers who read the Bible and bring up important issues in our community. We have currently written about the struggles surrounding Christian giving, and the controversy that arises when questioning the tithing practice, detailed in the book, Beyond Tithes & Offerings.  On Time Publishing was established in 1998 to promote the first edition of this book.

Beyond Tithes & Offerings is biblically sound, referencing well over 2,000 quoted bible passages and supporting verses. What we provide to those who read our book is the hope of understanding the tithing practice and Spirit led giving; contrasting the two in order to bring attention to the differences.  People who read our book have praised us because we helped liberate their minds, freeing them from unnecessary burdens.

There are currently no plans to publish books from anyone else, but we do plan on releasing two more books in the future.  As is the case with the current book, the next two books we write will address basic truths that inspire us.

Vision Statement

Free the Church by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Mission Statement

To correct erroneous teachings within the Christian community through accurate studying of the Word (2 Tim. 2:15), to eliminate traditional teachings that make the Word of God of no use (Mark 7:6-13), and declare our freedom from bondage through the teachings of Jesus and the apostles (John 8:31-32; Gal. 5:1).

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