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Introducing the Webb Family

Many curious believers want to know what type of seminary or spiritual training founders Michael and Mitchell had that gives them the authority to write Christian books. Well, they had no formal coursework in theology at all. Instead, they each attended Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington, where in 1989 they both received Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science.


Like many followers of Christ, all of their spiritual and biblical education came from simply reading the Bible, praying, attending church, and life experiences.

Michael Webb

Michael continued his education and attended graduate school at the University of Florida where in 1991 he received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Following graduation, Michael moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he worked 16 years at IBM and currently works for Raytheon Technologies. Michael was married and had two sons. Michael is currently remarried and went from two biological children to a blended family that includes three bonus children; all five of which are post high school-aged. ​

Mitchell Webb

After graduating from WSU, Mitchell went back to Tacoma and completed 30 years of service with the City of Tacoma as a software developer and performing server maintenance. Mitchell had been married, and at one point his immediate family consisted of two step sons, a foster son, a biological son, a foster daughter, and his biological daughter. However, unlike the early 70's TV show, The Brady Bunch, there was no maid to help with household activities! Mitchell is currently single and helping his last child attend college.

Vickie Webb

Michael and Mitchell were born in 1965 in Tacoma, Washington. And, yes, they are identical twins, as well as the only children in their immediate family. They were raised by a single parent, their mother, Vickie Webb. They did not meet their father and his side of the family until they were 39 years old. Under the circumstances, Vickie did an excellent job raising two boys on her own. Fortunately, they were not the kind of children that found themselves in much trouble. In fact, they were pretty good children. Well, that is what they claim!

Vickie was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. However, she worked most of her adult life in the Tacoma area. Her employment included working at the Bank of Tacoma and the Port of Tacoma. She retired in 2005 and moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina, to be closer to Michael. And, she finally became a United States citizen in March of 2014.

More about Michael and Mitchell

Michael and Mitchell are typical parents. They have both volunteered at the various churches they have attended over the years. They have also volunteered as coaches while their children were growing up playing baseball, football, and basketball.

One of the most memorable churches Mitchell attended is a church that opened its doors to the homeless, providing a place for many to live. Many people actually used the pews as their beds. While a member of this church, Mitchell operated the soundboard, held Bible study twice a month on Friday nights for all the residents, and spent several nights at the church while on "duty", so-to-speak.

Due to Mitchell's direct personal experiences with the needy and the homeless, he felt the need to create Mission Impossible, a non-profit organization that assisted people by providing food and clothes, and paying for rent and utilities when appropriate. Michael and Mitchell operated this business for almost 15 years. They both found great satisfaction in helping people make payments on bills, especially when applicants already received an eviction or late payment notice.

As time permits, Michael and Mitchell plan on writing a couple more books. This is proving somewhat difficult with having full time occupations as well as children to bring up. However, God willing, it will happen. They just thank God for His grace to be able to do all that they can.

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