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A Christian Book That Focuses on Tithing Issues


On Time Publishing offers Christian reading material of important topics. The book, Beyond Tithes & Offerings, discusses issues about Christian giving.  Many questions are answered in this book such as: What does the bible say about tithes and offerings? Is there a difference in tithes and offerings? Does the Bible command Christians to tithe? Where is Tithing in the New Testament?

In order to unleash the charitable heart of the Spirit-led Christian, this book uncovers the hidden truths behind tithing and the consequences of biblical misinterpretation. Once these truths are revealed, the limitations of tithing will be lifted and the grace of giving will be realized. The second edition of the book is available now in both Kindle and paperback. Please click the Buy Now button at the top of this page or visit Amazon and search for "Beyond Tithes & Offerings".

Understanding Our Responsibility


Regrettably, new covenant teachings are overlooked for old covenant practices, thus limiting both Christian responsibility and freedom due to the church’s regulated rules for giving. Christians traditionally give monetary tithes and offerings to the local church. As a result of these rules and obligations, some find that they are in the unfortunate position of not being able to fulfill their desire to support those in need on a personal level.

The True Calling of Christians


The true calling of Christians is, in fact, to focus on giving to those in need as pointed out in Mark and Galatians; Love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these (Mk. 12:31). The entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command; Love your neighbor as yourself (Gal. 5:14). When believers carry each other’s burdens, they fulfill the law of Christ (Gal. 6:2).

An Uphill Battle


All too often God fearing tithing Christians accuse other God fearing Christians of not obeying the whole Bible simply because they do not call their giving to the local church a tithe or offering. Accusations are made such as, “Do you believe the whole Bible or just the parts you want to believe?” Or, “You will be cursed for robbing God of His tithe.” What many believers fail to realize is that tithes and offerings, as defined in the Bible, have nothing to do with Christian giving. This is the uphill battle facing the authors; a challenge they accepted by writing the book.

A Proper Balance


Although the church needs financial support, it should not be at the expense of the needy or of sound doctrine. Unfortunately, the problem of careless biblical interpretation has led to traditional giving based on isolated portions of the tithing ritual. In contrast, Christians in the Bible did not give tithes and offerings (and for those that disagree, this very idea provided additional motivation for writing this book). For emphasis, it should be clear that supporting the local church is a good work and should continue, but it should be through grace giving, as led by the Holy Spirit, and with the correct priorities in place.

Second Edition


The second edition of Beyond Tithes & Offerings contains many enhancements which are outlined here.

There are times we find ourselves on the wrong end of misplaced accusations, putting us on the defensive.  This book is our case, our respectful defense to shield ourselves against erroneous allegations.  We thought it would be entertaining to illustrate this by adding two chapters, “Opening Arguments” and “Closing Arguments,” which depict a fictional court case between the Tithing Group and the Webb Brothers.

“Dispensations Of Mankind” is a new chapter outlining the basic dispensations of mankind.  We thought it was important to point out that lifestyles of man have changed throughout time as well as what God expected from man.  This will help the reader to understand the various time periods when quoting from different passages throughout the Bible.

Many are encouraged to test the Lord when giving money in order to see the floodgates open.  A new section, “Test Me in This” has been added to the Chapter, “Tithing Defined” that contrasts testing the Lord with the instruction for believers to not put the Lord to the test.  In addition, this chapter also has a new subsection, "Do Tithers Receive a Spiritual Blessing?"  It seems harmless the idea that one could actually receive a spiritual blessing from giving money to a church. The issue addressed in this subsection is whether one can receive a spiritual blessing when giving under the old covenant regulations of the tithe.

The book previously had a chapter dedicated to the law and our freedom from it concerning Christian living.  Further clarification regarding the curses referenced in the law is detailed in the chapter, “Freedom From The Curse.”  This new chapter explains that Jesus freed everyone from these curses described in the law for Christians living in is current dispensation, or the Age of Grace.

A new subsection in the Chapter, "The Church Collection," titled, "I Pledge to Give," has been added. This subsection brings to light another way the local church, and many other organizations, try to acquire people’s money. And, this method is the pledge. This new section discusses the idea of whether or not believers should pledge to give “future” money. Doing so even if they do not have the money readily available. Especially if done in “faith” that the funds will be there at the time the pledge is to be fulfilled.

In addition, there are several enhancements throughout the book, where language has been added to tie sections of the book back to the reason for writing the book, among other things. It was also required to update all NIV passages from 1984 to 2011.

Table of Contents

Second Edition


Opening Arguments - 1

1 - The Issues We Face - 9
2 - What Christians Are Taught - 19
3 - Dispensations Of Mankind - 43
4 - Money And Occupations - 57
5 - Offerings Defined - 83
6 - Tithing Defined - 101
7 - Firstfruit Defined - 151
8 - Freedom From The Law - 165
9 - Freedom From The Curse - 189
10 - 430 Years Before The Law - 209
11 - New Covenant Commands - 231
12 - Grace Giving - 261
13 - The Church Collection - 307
14 - What Christians Should Be Taught - 339

Closing Arguments - 357

Personal Notes - 361
Bibliography: Sources Consulted - 366
Key Word Index - 368
Bible Verse Index - 371
Additional Book Specifications - 390

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